Yearbook for entrepreneurs gets more multimedia

Yearbook for entrepreneurs gets more multimedia

Every February, Credit Suisse publishes escher, a comprehensive yearbook for entrepreneurs. The heart of the publication is a watch list of exciting Swiss enterprises, plus an SME study. This year’s edition has been expanded online to also include video content.

Escher is a yearbook published by Credit Suisse for entrepreneurs in Switzerland, designed to inspire and guide them in their day-to-day business. Every year Credit Suisse uses the watch list to highlight nine top enterprises, this time in three categories: Tradition, Innovation and Young Guns. All the companies and the personalities behind them are presented in the yearbook or in a video portrait on the Credit Suisse website.

Another focus of the publication is the SME study. For the current edition, 800 companies were polled on training and development and the shortage of skilled workers. Four short accompanying videos summarise the core findings of the SME study and put the key insights in context.

The online content can be accessed on The publication is flanked by a social media campaign with animated teasers highlighting the main topics, entrepreneurship and the SME study.

A yearbook as a guide

The two Zurich agencies Source and open up were responsible for the conceptual design of the magazine and online content, with a cross-agency team taking charge of shaping the content and graphics.

“We see escher as a guide for entrepreneurs,” explains Martina Lebherz, Head of Marketing Content at Credit Suisse. “It’s a place they can go for stories of successful and inspiring businesses, as well as information on what’s currently influencing the SME landscape. We’re delighted that this year we’re able to present additional multimedia content for an even richer and more varied portrait of entrepreneurship.”