Tech & PR – Creating Content and Tools for the New Reality

Tech & PR – Creating Content and Tools for the New Reality

The way we conduct Public Relations programs in Mexico and Latin America is changing in a very fast (but predictable) way.  Technology is changing the way people interact; this has left brands and companies looking for new ways to connect with their audiences.  On the other hand, media outlets are now shifting from traditional to digital, and the commercial side of the business is more relevant than ever as these outlets are trying to survive the digital wave.

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Reputation and Corporate Affairs are Growing

Influence is now a key element of every program, we live in a digital world where individuality is strongly valued.  Creating programs that target specific audiences has never been an easy task thanks to technology that allows us to identify needs, preferences, and many other key characteristics in our audiences to create a unique influence point for our clients.

Brands are looking to influence their key audiences on a regular basis, so identifying those opportunities and creating unique ways to connect is the true value to build a strong reputation.  Our programs now include a very strong corporate affairs component that understands influence as the result of a chain of activities.

Technology is a tool that allows us to map and identify opportunities for brands and its products or services to jump in the conversation and become relevant for their key audiences.  The use of Big Data and Machine Learning has become an everyday tool for PR that allows us to create real experiences for our audiences in a digital environment.

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Enhanced Interaction with Key Audiences

We are now working towards a world where only true win-win scenarios between our clients and their key audiences will be the norm and the interaction between them will create an added value to third parties.  These interactions will have an impact not only on a business level, but to build and strengthen the reputation of a brand, and technology will be in the center of it all. Digital interactions, reputation, and engagement are the new indicators for many clients and how to leverage them to bond with key audiences and connect will make or break a program.

Content is Still King

Content strategies, storytelling, and brand journalism are becoming more common in Mexico and Latin America as they are a key component of Digital PR programs that look to hook up and connect with audiences.  We are now developing tools for digital platforms such as Instagram Stories, Facebook posts, infographics and other digital elements to adjust regular tools such as the press release to the new platforms.  It is not just an adaptation of materials but a redefinition of how we communicate and connect with the audiences and how we engage them to create interest.

We are now transforming the news into valuable and shareable content.  SEO is now part of our day-to-day operation, while optimization of materials and trend identification (more than media monitoring) are helping us to provide brands with a unique added value: REAL-TIME DIGITAL PR.

What’s Next?

Hyper-segmentation and niche communities are leading to a different PR approach and the challenges of it are related with personalization of content and relevance evaluation.  By leveraging tools such as podcasts, influencer marketing and digital corporate affairs, now brands can target smaller audiences with better business results.

Business is changing and while it is challenging, by embracing this change we are jumping into the future through innovation and technology.