Survey: confirmed to be one of the TOP 7 most known Czech PR agencies

Survey: confirmed to be one of the TOP 7 most known Czech PR agencies

In April, Czech Association of Public Relations (APRA) published the results of the latest industry survey. The survey questioned the position of Czech PR agencies from the perspective of major contractor authorities. Companies from industry, trade or services evaluated local PR agencies and their services. On a national scale, was the only agency outside the capital (Prague) to be amongst the TOP 7 most well-known agencies.

In 2009 the PR agency was founded in Brno, Czech Republic. is fully committed to the field of communication, from every perspective. With its comprehensive concept known as PR 360®, it combines the tactical effectiveness of marketing with the strategic power of public relations.

The (APRA) researchers also studied the knowledge of PR agencies, PR costs, the selection process and the benefits and shortcomings of agencies. According to their findings, media relations and campaigns are the most requested services. Strategic consultations are also a welcome cooperation. One third of clients demand the management of social networks and product PR.

If agencies are about to be chosen, references are the main valued criterion. It is also important to know the field in which the client operates and to try to understand the needs of its business sector. One half of the companies considers the price of services as an important factor in decision-making.

The research also questioned tendering and evaluating cooperation with the agency. According to the questionnaires, large Czech contracting authorities open tenders every two years. Agencies go through two to three rounds. After choosing the final agency, clients are mostly focused on the quality and quantity of the media outputs.


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