Soluzione Group proposes BRESCIA Experience YOUR BUSINESS GATE TO EXPO

Soluzione Group proposes BRESCIA Experience YOUR BUSINESS GATE TO EXPO

by PR Network 17 February, 2015

ASKE – Network to communicate – a network of communication agencies including PRN member Soluzione Communication Group, in anticipation of the forthcoming appointment with Expo 2015, actively proposes BRESCIA Experience YOUR BUSINESS GATE TO EXPO, a project intended for the business world with the ambitious goal of creating new opportunities for contact and make the territory a magnet for the visitors of this world exhibition.

BRESCIA Experience YOUR BUSINESS GATE TO EXPO is a true international B2B project with the aim of exploiting the immense potential of Expo 2015 as the only platform for comparison, reporting, and sharing of knowledge, setting the basis for the future positioning of Brescia, the province less than 100 km far from Milan, with strong roots and important business stories, as permanent magnet thanks to its cultural, business and tourism richness.

The project aims to organize activities, events, matching, workshops, marketing activities, on the basis of six clusters identified in perfect keeping with the theme of Expo 2015 “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”: Food & Beverage, Agriculture, energy Saving, Health & Wealth, Corporate Social Responsibility and Future. To each of these clusters will be devoted an entire month (from May to October 2015) characterized by meetings with buyers, guided tours in companies, meetings with foreign delegations, workshops and meetings for the presentation of large innovation projects to the trade and the press.

The project will involve 26 countries in the world thanks to the support of the PRN – Public Relations Network – an international network of agencies, co-founded by Soluzione Group, member of ASKE, officially presented during the General Meeting of the PRN in Paris on January 30th, 2015.

At the project can participate private companies operating in selected sectors, organizations and institutions at all levels who wish to grant its patronage, corporate sponsors, local or national, who wish to support one or more clusters, and also any co-maker who wants to join to create individual projects bringing specific skills.

The locations will be as flexible as possible depending on the requirements of the development of initiatives provided for each area. In general, the activities will be organized inside the pavilions of the foreign delegations in Expo and in the Italy pavilion, in the spaces of ATS Expo, the Fuori Expo Milano and Fuori Expo Brescia, as well as in various corporate locations.

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