Pro Bono Consultation for COVID Communications Clinic with Members of the Global Group, Public Relations Network (PRN)

Pro Bono Consultation for COVID Communications Clinic with Members of the Global Group, Public Relations Network (PRN)

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Pro Bono Consultation for COVID Communications Clinic with Members of the Global Group, Public Relations Network (PRN) and its partnered agencies in PRN have joined forces to offer a free 30-minute consultation on business issues related to COVID-19

Thailand, Hong Kong (China), Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore, June 2, 2020 – COVID-19 has caused business disruption around the globe. in conjunction with partners have teamed up to provide a free 30-minute consultation on internal and external communications, crisis management, downsizing, mergers & acquisitions, CSR, and communications for recovery and post COVID-19.

The PRN is a group that unites public relations specialists worldwide. Established in 2006, the group connects 25+ agencies across Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Americas. For the clinic, the Asian agencies are participating and preparing to help businesses during this pandemic.

During this unprecedented time, the partners are providing pro bono services on specific business matters. The COVID Communications Clinic platform will be addressed by PR experts ready to support companies and organizations with a practical guidelines and solutions.

Pacharee Pantoomano, Managing Director of stated“We established the COVID Communications Clinic to support the business community in Asia. The economic impact of the pandemic will be felt for many months to come. We believe that listening and communicating are key components for leaders to effectively plan as organizations navigate this uncharted territory.

“We are glad to be part of this meaningful initiative. With the post-COVID-19 recovery, everyone is adjusting to the new normal. In times of challenges, effective and efficient communications tools are vital. With the collective intelligence among PRN members, we are pleased to be of service to the community and support the march towards a brighter future,” said Belinda Chan, Managing Director of CCG, Hong Kong, China.

Sarah Song from Integra, Seoul, South Korea related, “We, Integra, the communications partner in South Korea are delighted to be participating in this program. We feel that it is transforming challenges into opportunities. The COVID-19 pandemic confronts businesses to be wise and bold in their approach. Thus, the new normal is also the dawn of a new era, shifting out of the comfort zone and daring us to develop and embrace new communications and business strategies.                                                                                              

“Tough times call for tougher communications plans to be in place. We understand that many organizations in Asia are occupied with addressing the ever evolving COVID-19 situation. As a network of boutique PR agencies, The Right Spin and its members are tapping into local PR expertise and regional resources to make a difference. Our aim is to enable businesses through this period and be the first to capture opportunities in the new norm,” said Stacy Ang, Founder & Director of The Right Spin.

Sharon Wu, General Manager of Swem Brand Consultancy, Taiwan, “We are honoured to be co-creating with our Asian partners. This innovative consultation project with experts in PRN can help reinforce enterprise advantages, competitiveness, overcome business issues, and ultimately forge a new normal and future for the organization.”

How the COVID Communications Clinic works: Companies and organizations are invited to visit the website to post a clear and detailed question relating to internal and external communications, downsizing, mergers & acquisitions, crisis management, CSR, and other communications matter during and after COVID-19. The request is sent to the participating agencies. The agency will reply via email or phone.

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