SPMJ Comunicação


SPMJ Comunicação

SPMJ is a communications agency offering services tailored specifically to each client since 1986. We have extensive experience handling major global companies, whether or not represented in Brazil. We are able to combine world-class client services with our knowledge of the Brazilian press and other target markets.

Out of these 34 years, 20 have been dedicated to supporting customers in Latin American markets, together with partner companies or independent professionals.

SPMJ is based in Sao Paulo, which is South America’s largest city and is home to the country’s main communication groups. From Sao Paulo, we can reach out to all major Brazilian cities and regions.

Most of our clients operate nationwide; we regularly hold events in the main Brazilian regions and we are in daily contact with the major press outlets nationwide – print, online and electronic. We serve clients from different industries, in addition to media relations, social media and events.

The longevity of the company and its clients – some of whom have been with the company for 15 or 20 years – reflecting the success of SPMJ’s business strategy and its commitment to the needs of each clients.


SPMJ Brazil
Av. Angélica, 2318, Consolação
São Paulo, SP, Brazil
CEP 01228-200

Tel: +55 (11) 3289-2699

Contact persons:
Sergio Poroger

Jefferson Ebersol