Public Relations is a strategic communication practice that requires extensive local knowledge of target groups and media. As each market has its own nuances and traits, we have compiled an overview of the main PR services we provide. There’s a rich tapestry of activities and subtleties around the globe so take a look and see how agencies leverage their PR expertise in varied services.


Strategic Communications Counsel

Our experienced professionals offer consulting services on the offset of any campaign or activity by determining your company’s communication and business objectives and how we can help you achieve your goals within your time frame.

Campaign Management

We can manage all aspects of a PR campaign, coordinating a superior communications team (designers, advertising agencies, etc.) in order to achieve maximum results and set you apart from your competitors.

Social Media Management

The rise of social media may be worldwide, but developing an effective social media strategy requires a deep understanding of the local community and trends. What works in one region, may not work in another. Our experts have been working and shaping social media for many years now. With creativity and a sound knowledge of the medium, we know what works and what doesn’t.

Media Relations

The main asset of each PR agency is its press database and the relationships our agencies have nurtured with contacts at top-tier print and broadcast media. In addition to developing compelling press releases for our clients, we are also able to ensure their message reaches journalists in local and national publications.  International PR is not translating a press release and sending it to another country. This simply doesn’t work. We are at the front line of communication and we know how to deliver  your message to the press, reaching your target audiences.

Crisis Management

What does one say to the press in a critical situation? How does one communicate, especially across national boundaries when time is short and communication styles differ? Our local PRN agencies are at your side to help you navigate the most difficult situations.

Award Service

We track relevant industry accolades and help you to develop award-winning submissions to ensure your company is recognized for what it does best.

Event Management

We can manage your event from A – Z, from securing press attendance and developing press materials, to overseeing the logistics of event management.

Internal Communications

Newsletters for staff, periodical customer magazines, annual reports or content for the internet or intranet – we consider all these company publications important communication instruments within and outside an organization. They can represent the company or a new business measure,  serve as identification and commitment measures and provide information and transparency for staff, clients and other stakeholders. As PR consultants, we know which topics will promote a company’s image, motivate the staff and strengthen customer relations. Our journalistic approach, as opposed to an advertising approach, allows us to create content that readers find both credible and informative.