How PR Helped Healthcare Innovator BlueBin

How PR Helped Healthcare Innovator BlueBin

by Communiqué PR (US) 24 March, 2016

For several years, Communiqué PR worked closely with BlueBin, Inc., an innovator in the healthcare industry, to help the company increase general awareness and enhance its perceived value.

Since 2009, BlueBin has specialized in supply chain solutions for healthcare organizations worldwide. Its goal is to improve and streamline the healthcare supply chain process, ultimately ensuring that clinicians have the right supplies at the right time, resulting in improved patient care quality.

Here is how BlueBin works: the company employs established methods generally found in the automotive, retail and aerospace industries, including the BlueBin’s signature 2Bin Kanban technique, which essentially creates a balanced production line for a variety of products in daily demand for nurses. Instead of ordering and stockpiling large quantities of products and potentially not using them, clinicians order supplies on a daily basis based on actual customer demand.

BlueBin has introduced and successfully deployed lean manufacturing methods in the trillion-dollar healthcare industry and today, BlueBin’s solution is helping more than 20 healthcare organizations dramatically cut costs, increase efficiency, eliminate waste and improve patient care.

In one of many examples, Mercy Hospital and Medical Center in Chicago deployed BlueBin and saved more than $1 million a year in supply costs. The hospital also reduced bulk storage space by nearly 50 percent, and its clinicians no longer have to search for supplies allowing them to regain 28,000 hours a year.

In order to raise awareness of BlueBin’s solution, Communiqué worked closely with the company to educate potential customers on the features and benefits of BlueBin; help decision makers understand why its solution is critical to the success of a healthcare organization; and position BlueBin and its executives as thought leaders in the healthcare industry. Here are some highlights of our PR results:

Editorial Coverage

To reach BlueBin’s target audience of C-level executives in healthcare organizations, as well as decision makers in the healthcare industry, Communiqué focused on securing editorial coverage in healthcare and supply chain trade publications, including:

  1. “Maintaining Morale
  2. SupplyChain Management Review: “Ailing Healthcare Supply Chain needs Help, BlueBin Reports
  3. Healthcare Purchasing News: “Mercy saves millions of dollars, thousands of clinical hours
  4. Supply Chain Strategies & Solutions (ARHMM): “Embracing Lean ‘Lean’
  5. Executive Insight: “Transforming Materials Management Strategies to Meet the Needs of Healthcare Reform

Case Studies
Communiqué also developed case studies to showcase how hospitals successfully implemented BlueBin.

  1. BlueBin Case Study: Mercy hospital & Medical Center
  2. BlueBin Case Study: Martin Health System Implements the Demand Flow Process [VIDEO]
  3. BlueBin Case Study: Nemours Children’s Hospital

LinkedIn Long-Form Posts

The Communiqué team worked closely with Robb Swan, BlueBin CMO, on the following three articles. The aim of this content was to establish BlueBin’s executive team as credible thought leaders around key industry issues and provide guidance around the challenges many healthcare organizations face around their supply chain. Next, we worked with LinkedIn to assign Robb’s posts to the Healthcare PULSE channel, which has more than 4.1 million followers.

  1. Revamping the Hospital Supply Chain: How to Have a Conversation with Your CFO
  2. Washington State’s First ACO Set to Change the Healthcare Landscape
  3. Yanking the Hospital Supply Chain: Is it Ready for a Crisis?

Because of these programs, BlueBin has seen a significant increase in customer interest from hospitals and other healthcare organizations. The company has grown its team and is now looking to expand into new markets. For more on BlueBin and its impact on the healthcare industry, please visit