open up Sharpens  Zurich’s Pension Fund Brand

open up Sharpens Zurich’s Pension Fund Brand

The Pension Fund City of Zurich (PKZH) has commissioned open up to enhance its brand positioning and to design a communications strategy.                                 With over 33,000 insured persons and 18,000 pension beneficiaries, PKZH is one of the leading Swiss pension funds. In the past PKZH has revised its communication strategy at regular intervals but this time around they wanted to give their image a boast by projecting themselves as a future-leaning brand. open up was commissioned to design and implement a brand workshop. The aim of the workshop was to sharpen the positioning of the municipal pension fund vis-à-vis their stakeholders and to make them aware of the skills, values and tonality of the PKZH brand.

Communication strategy 2019+

The brand positioning defined in the workshop formed an excellent basis for open up to conceive the strategy for corporate communications in the coming years. As a continuation of the previous orientation, the new strategy embraced successful communication instruments and means and adapted them to current requirements. At the same time a new narrative was set, that presented PKZH as a company with target group-oriented communication. “The combination of brand workshop and strategy development was ideal for us. With the awareness of how we want to be perceived, the cornerstone was laid at the same time for the management team to be able to classify the proposals of the communication strategy,” says Rebecca Saltalamacchia, Communications Manager at PKZH.


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