New magazine and digital annual report for Swissgrid

New magazine and digital annual report for Swissgrid

Source and open up have won the tender for the magazine and annual report published by the national grid operator Swissgrid. For four years the two agencies will be in charge of their design and concept. The first fundamentally reworked online edition of the magazine and the new Swissgrid annual report have just been published.

The national electricity grid operator Swissgrid staged a tender to find an agency for the reorientation of the content and visual development of its magazine as well as the technical redesign of its annual report on an online-first basis. Having tendered the winning proposal previously, design agency Source and communications agency open up were again awarded the contract for their realigned concept. This is the second time the two independent agencies have won a joint tender.

Michelle Roth, Head of Communication & Stakeholder Affairs at Swissgrid, explains: «We’re convinced that there are advantages to decoupling the annual report and corporate magazine. Redesigning the visual presentation and content allows us to pursue a consistent storytelling approach in print and additional cross-media formats, enabling us to convey many interesting facts and stories about the grid operator’s role, in the context of the energy transition.»

The Swissgrid magazine is geared to an interested lay audience. Easy to understand and enriched with basic knowledge, its three chapters show readers the path electricity takes from generation and distribution to the power socket. The content focuses on Swissgrid’s role and the importance of the transmission grid to the Swiss economy and society.

The division of the magazine’s content into three colour-coded chapters clearly structures the information. Exciting facts and figures and visual picture spreads provide smooth introductions to each section. The images on the content pages often focus on people, with layout pages containing illustrative elements.