Lesensky.cz placed twice in the WebTop100 2023 competition

Lesensky.cz placed twice in the WebTop100 2023 competition

The WebTop100 conference culminated on 14 November with the announcement of its winners. Among the best projects in digital marketing were two projects from Lesensky.cz – Brno City Transport Company’s website ranked first in the User Experience category and the Marketing Dictionary Lesensky.cz came second in the SEO category.

The website of the Brno City Transport Company (DPMB) won first place in the category of User Experience, which evaluates websites based on the memorability and positive emotions of the user’s experience.

The new website was created based on an analysis of a ten-year-old one that did not meet the requirements for content, clarity and mobile browsing. Lesensky.cz created a completely new website for DPMB that emphasized representativeness, functionality and usability for visitors of all ages.

The Marketing Dictionary Lesensky.cz ranked second in the SEO category.

The Marketing Dictionary, which has been an integral part of Lesensky.cz website since 2021, came in 2nd place in the SEO category. In the two years of its existence, it has helped multiply the website’s organic traffic, streamlined performance marketing and, last but not least, helped establish the agency as a PR and marketing expert.