Lesensky.cz agency has received the CMS3 quality certificate

Lesensky.cz agency has received the CMS3 quality certificate

The member agency Lesensky.cz has received the CMS3 professional certificate. It met the quality standards of the International PR Association (ICCO). During a thorough audit, the agency confirmed that it can effectively plan, adequately evaluate and support innovation.

Within the certification process, agencies must prove that they meet the CMS (Consultancy Management Standard) standards, which have been adopted by the international Public Relations Association (ICCO). This certification system is valid worldwide, so it will also be an advantage in cooperation and partner projects in the global PR Network (PRN).

The certification is a clear indicator that the agency meets all parameters of quality, professionalism and effective management. It can also be a clue when deciding on cooperation with clients, but also when recruiting employees.

During the audit, Lesensky.cz had to prove that it is capable of meeting business and financial goals, effectively planning and managing processes, delivering quality services, complying with professional and ethical standards, but also taking care of its employees. The result of the audit is a summary report that evaluates the agency in many categories. For example, the internal information system, the well-established corporate culture, the educational system of the PR Academy and extensive CSR activities received high ratings.