Custom Media Launches Content Marketing Report: Insightful survey reveals insights from the Japanese media landscape

Custom Media Launches Content Marketing Report: Insightful survey reveals insights from the Japanese media landscape

Custom Media, an award-winning B2B marketing agency based in Tokyo, launched its report “Insights from the Content Marketing Landscape in Japan” at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club of Japan on June 10.

The report surveyed a range of leaders at major Japanese and global businesses in the marketing industry in Japan, revealing their top content marketing objectives, how they measured the effectiveness of their efforts, and the key platforms they used to share their content.

But the most significant element of the report was its focus on the importance of storytelling in content marketing. Findings from the report included that 95 percent of respondents thought that storytelling was at least moderately significant in capturing audience attention and building brand engagement. However, there were significant challenges involved in implementing storytelling in content marketing—most significantly, ensuring effective audience reach, measuring the impact of storytelling efforts, and sustaining consistent content production.

For the report launch event, a lively panel discussion was held that featured Stephanie Roberts, head of global communications at Hitachi Industrial Equipment Systems Co., Ltd.; Ross Rowbury, senior managing director and co-head of group corporate communications at Nomura Holdings; and Robert Heldt, CEO of Custom Media. The panelists emphasized the lack of thought leadership content in B2B marketing in Japan and the need for global and domestic companies to invest in it to boost their credibility, and that of their leaders.

Other key takeaways from the report included:
· The top three content marketing objectives were brand awareness, lead generation, and organic search visibility
· While 94.2 percent thought that generative AI tools would have a somewhat or mostly positive impact on content marketing, 52 percent weren’t using them yet
· Sixty-two percent of those surveyed outsourced part of their content marketing

About the launch of the report, Robert Heldt said: “The well-known adage in marketing holds true: content is still king. In creating our report, we discovered that key decision-makers in our industry prioritize storytelling in their content marketing efforts. However, with only 37 percent considering storytelling as extremely significant, there is a clear need to increase awareness of its power in B2B marketing in Japan. As an agency that puts storytelling at the heart of our work, we are committed to demonstrating how this approach can effectively engage audiences and overcome the challenges of a crowded digital landscape.”


*Read the report here. This press release was initially published on Custom Media’s blog