The PRN is a lively community of PR experts, who meet regularly to exchange and develop ideas and PR best practices. To ensure and facilitate this exchange, PRN’s board represents nationality diversity with members in seven countries.

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Message from the board

In 2006, a small group of agencies met in Milan with the aim of creating something. Various customers needed PR in countries outside their own so it became imperative to create an affiliation of public relations partners as extensions of their boutique-style agencies – personal, professional and creative. Unlike other bigger networks, it was essential to this group that they knew the backbone of the perspective global partner agencies to guarantee their customers the best possible job would be carried out abroad. After a consecutive two days of meetings, the PRN was grounded and now covers almost 30 countries around the globe. We have hand-picked each of the agencies and spent a considerable amount of time ensuring they reflect our philosophy of working with customers and brand identity and are well-established in their community.

We are not an anonymous network but a close-knit community of PR experts that meet regularly to ensure that our customers PR needs are met wherever they need them. Knowing each other and being familiar with foreign markets means that our members provide competent consulting based on a solid knowledge of PR. This is no mean feat: Public Relations works with the public, the media and local organisations. These groups are different in every country – one size does not fit all and as a network, we are not looking for shortcuts. We, the PRN Board, can guarantee that all of our partners will provide you with the best consulting services. We are in constant communication and gain insight information with our partner agencies. We are looking forward to getting to know you better.