A PR perspective on South Korea’s ever-growing travel market

A PR perspective on South Korea’s ever-growing travel market

South Korea’s travel market is booming as the number of global travelers is increasing every year. The number of international travelers from Korea increased to about 28.7 million which is an 8% increase from 2017 which had about 26.5 million international travelers.

Also, the number of inbound travelers to Korea has also been steadily increasing from 1999 to 2018 by 6.6%. With the rise in popularity of Korean dramas, music and even cosmetics, there has been an increased demand of international travelers coming to Korea looking to experience some of the unique cultural qualities the country has to offer. One such example is the recent international success of Korean boy band BTS who has received two platinum singles, three gold singles and two gold albums.

With this in mind, the travel market for Korea, both inbound and outbound, has been booming. Many global aviation brands have been looking to tap into how to maximize their opportunities for international travelers to Korea; inbound travelers from 2013 – 2017 to Korea for vacation / holiday has increased from 48.2% to 51.9%. In addition, the Korean traveler market is looking to travel to a diverse array of destinations that were once not thought of a few decades earlier.


One such company that Integra has had the opportunity to work alongside is British Airways which started offering daily flights between Seoul and London in 2014. This aviation company has specially tailored its services to meet the needs and requests of its Korean consumer client base. For example, last year, British Airways compiled an expansive list of places for Korean business travelers to visit when they have some extra free time in the UK, such as the Roman spas in Bath or Stratford-upon-Avon which is the birthplace of Shakespeare. British Airways also has its Business Loyalty Programme for Korean business travelers which offers a wide variety of benefits for small and medium sized businesses.

The new trends within the aviation industry and how we are communicating with our consumers in this distinct and unique field are constantly evolving as the market is becoming more adapt and acquainted with the digital age. Many frequent fliers and consumers that are traveling can make reservations through mobile applications and can even reserve cars and hotels in partnership with the airline of choice.

Thus, the current trends and services of PR agencies around the globe shift as we reach a new digital age, and the way new information is communicated through various online platforms has become largely emphasized. The January 2019 Global Digital Snapshot gives us a good overview of this:

  • 11 billion unique mobile users
  • 39 billion internet users
  • 48 billion active social media users

As the number of travelers has been increasing year over year, many aviation companies have made the Korean market a priority. Our relationships at Public Relations Network (PRN) have given us an abundant amount of information and insights on the ever-growing global aviation market and how we can utilize these practices in the Korean market.

At the last meeting with PRN in Vienna, we were able to meet with representatives of PR agencies from many different parts of the world. It was a great opportunity to be able to share information and form a new perspective on developing PR strategies and campaigns. The insights we were able to gather from a variety of different markets was a learning experience that was new and refreshing and helped us improve our services.

We look forward to building upon these relationships and to the next meeting that will be held in Shanghai next year. Until then, we will be building upon our own practices to exchange thoughts and ideas with some of the most chic agencies in the world.

Photo credit: The Korean Herald