2018: The Year That Was…..

2018: The Year That Was…..

by Sympra GmbH (Germany) 10 December, 2018

Catch a snapshot of what kept our global network busy in 2018!

Our German partner Sympra joined hands with our Mexican partner F1rstcomm to reach out to the Latin American media to promote empowering people. Award 2019. The award is an international competition run by Sympra’s client Siemens Stiftung to look for social entrepreneurs in developing regions. F1rstcomm managed a good media outreach in Argentina, Colombia, Perú, México and Chile by mapping out the niche publications in the entire region and provided them with regional hooks, case studies to make the award relevant. Hector Lira, Partner at F1irstcomm says: “With these collaborations, the PRN displays its global reach as we were able to coordinate and implement a strategy that reached several continents while providing unique opportunities for our clients.” In total the award saw 40 entries from the South American continent. Sympra also had some pro bono support from our South African partner Proof Communication, who promoted the award across entrepreneurial networks not only in South Africa but also among other neighboring countries.

Signing ceremony
(Photo credit: CommNow)

CommNow continues to enhance its capability in helping B2B companies to transit from traditional marketing to new model digital marketing supported by marketing automation (MA). Our Chinese network member had made significant progress in the past year, besides the MA system (CommNow Marketing Cloud) it develops by itself, it also attracted the world’s leading software company Oracle’s attention. Oracle recently signed a strategic cooperation agreement with CommNow which authorized CommNow as the official agent to implement Oracle’s Marketing Cloud, especially its marketing automation system Eloqua.

Our Finish partner Communication Agency VCA has been busy chalking out collaboration opportunities with other network members to enhance their outreach in Europe. They are working towards joint opportunities with our Swiss partner open up to cater to the needs of a potential client. They are also working together with our Polish partner PR Calling to offer PR services to clients in need of publicity for their investments in Poland. VCA is also embarking on a milestone by starting operations in Sweden. Their first client is a Finnish construction firm, which has established a parent company for the Swedish market. Stockholm based PR firm VOX PR and Information will be partnering their initiatives in the country. Their collaboration with VOX has a long history but earlier it was on an ad-hoc basis. Although PRN does not have a member company in Sweden, VCA are willing to offer PR services and local contacts in Sweden. All our PRN members can benefit from their expertise in this region.