2018: The Year That Was….. (Part: 2)

2018: The Year That Was….. (Part: 2)

by Sympra GmbH (Germany) 10 December, 2018

Catch a snapshot of what kept our global network busy in 2018!

For our French partner Auvray & Associés – it has been a year of press events, conferences and media coverage. The press conference for La Confédération Générale des Scop on the publication of their annual report presenting new figures cooperative societies in France saw 40 press appearances in major French national, online and specialized media. Auvray & Associés organized a media breakfast to mark the publication of the study of Casden and Georges Fotinos, a former general education inspectorate of French National Education on the “Morale of school Directors”. The event brought together 10 journalists and generated 72 press articles including the likes of Agence France Presse, Le Monde and other mainstream media and on websites of French national and private radio stations. 12 press events were organized between March 20th – October 11th, 2018 in the various subsidiaries of Groupe Chimirec, to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the company. In total 34 journalists attended the various events and 177 articles were published. (Photo credit: CG SCOP)

south korea
(Photo credit:Integra Communications)

Our South Korean partner Integra Communications made a huge media splash with Howard Marks, the co-founder of global asset management firm Oaktree Capital Management during the Asian leg of his book promotion tour. They optimized the oportunity by organising television and print interviews simultaniously, which is a rare achievement in South Korea. They managed to create enough buzz about the book – “Mastering the Market Cycle” with wide coverage across the country. Their media work allowed the readers to get insights into the current market situation and investment strategies.